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Semi-Friends Only

Welcome visitor!  You've managed to find my journal.  :D  And yes I really am "MyrrhLynn" also know as "Myrrh" or even "Myrr" from Daystar Design, Animepaper, Minitokyo, Christian Anime Alliance, and several other random forums.  This journal is semi-friends only in that all my personal posts are locked but any book reviews or non-personal things I write will be public. 

If you want to be added as a friend comment or PM me.  I only friend people I know at least somewhat though.  Even if we've only had a 2 post conversation on a forum that's better then just randomly adding me as a friend and expecting me to add you back. 

Artbook List - Ongoing WIP

See the artbooks under the cut.  I'm trying to arrange them in an order that makes more sense.  If I've scanned the book it will appear in bold font and is available in Image Exclusive or Image Exclusive Plus.  Some scanned stuff is also available in my Animepaper gallery although I never put the 2 page wide scans on there because I can't be bothered to stitch them together, lol.  I don't put scan on Minitokyo because botchii hates me.  T_T



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Superhero villains exist!

So I happened to stumble on this random news story, and the only thing I could think was "waaah that guy looks like a superhero villian!!" I'm gonna say especially a Batman superhero villian but I AM very biased so maybe not.  They would not want me on that jury, I would just sit there the whole time thinking about how he could stand up and villian superpowers on us.  x_x

More wallpapers on the way!

Wow I need to update my artbook list post, it's missing at least 10 books.  ^^;;;

Time for another wallpapaper update post (not that I don't make a ton of those already).  Well quitting iRO last year and limiting my anime watching and manga reading has freed me up to spend more time making walls.  And the funny thing is the more walls I make the more I go "oh hey that's right I LIKE making wallpapers" and I start making more and more.  XD

I entered 3 walls in the W?W Round 7.  A Bleach one, a Code Geass one, and a Soul Eater one.  Sadly everyone was able to guess that I made them for the most part.  :(  I suck at hiding my style.  I'll post links to them in a new post once I've got them submitted to AP and MT.

Currently I'm working on a Natsume wallpaper as a present for Piccolobear and as a prediction that she will request Natsume walls once she finishes the current Moar Plz! request at Animpaper.  XD  I'm trying to make it a little Art Nouveau styled, but of course I'm going to add my own typical weirdness of course.  Like for example I'm going to use a Japanese paper pattern for his kimono rather then vector the whole thing (partly to save my brain from having to vector that MONSTER of a kimono), and I'm going to do something with the butterfiles and another paper texture but it's hard to explain. 
Clicky for vector preview!

And of course I've got about 8 ideas for the next round of Which?Wallpaper at Minitokyo. XD The theme is going to be "Love for the Unloved" where you have to wall a series that currently has NO section made for it on MT or if it does have a section it can only have 5 or fewer walls in it.  Which is actually a lot more series then I realized when I thought up the theme.  Hope everyone can make a wallpaper or participate in the voting.  :D

Join the which?waller competition!

Hi everyone, this is mostly just a plug for the which?waller competition going on at Minitokyo.  Round 7 is in the guessing stage right now, where you have to guess who made each wall.  :D  It's a lot of fun, and you can change how difficult you make it by just matching up artists + walls at random or really obsessing over their usual style compared to the entries.  If you're a member of Minitokyo you really should join!  And I'm in charge of it, which automatically makes it OSM.  :P    (There will more rounds in the future so you can enter then if you want.)

If you want more details check out the project site!

And since I love you guys so much I'll give you a (not very helpful) hint.  I entered and I'm not the person who entered 1 wall!  ^^

Wallpaper done!

Well since I am (rather) proud that both of the walls got finished in decent time I decided to show them off with an update post.  And for those of you that don't have Animepaper accounts they should be on MT in a few days and on my site in a couple of weeks.  (I have to decide how I am going to shrink the KKM one down for 4:3 aspect ratio without killing a bear bee.)

KKM textures wall (very late b-day for my sister)

Shounen Onmyouji collab with piccolobear (first wall in the series category!)

Wallpaper Update Post

It's been awhile since I made a public post, and I'm hoping this will motivate me to be more productive with my walling.  (Hey I can dream can't I?)

Kyou Kara Maou! 
This is a wall I was going to make for my sisters birthday on November 11th.  Obviously I didn't meet the deadline, but I still want to finish it.  I originally had just a texture planned for the big white area but I finally got an idea a few days ago that would be much better.  :D
Clicky for preview!

Shounen Onmyouji
This is for a collab wall I am making with Piccolobear.  There aren't any walls for this series, and the original image was so beautiful we decided to turn it into a wall.  This was the first time I tried painting which is why it ended up looking so rough.  :(  My preview image is just for the part I did, she is working on the sunset in the background, his face, and the final details. 
Clicky for preview!

I'm also planning to do at least 1 wall for the new Which?Waller competition.  If you are a memeber of Minitokyo consider joining in on the fun. 

Oh hey look, I'm not dead.

Hello to the few people who still have me on their friends list!  *waves*  Yes I'm finally back, because I realized I missed having a place to randomly dump about my life.  XD  Well okay, that's a tiny part of it, but I overall just decided to dust this journal off and start using it for something again.

As of right now I'm planning on moving all my artbook reviews over here so people might actually read them.  I'm also going to put up mini reviews of books I've read lately.  Maybe some random walling tips too, I donno though.  

I think I've proven in the past though that I'm really REALLY bad at reading my friend's journals.  So if you still have me as a friend you can go ahead and remove me if you want.  I'm not even going to pretend that I'll keep up with your journal cause I know I won't (yeah I suck, I know).  If you don't mind friending just for the sake of being friends (rather then trying to recruit another person to read your journal) I'd be happy to friend you!

Humm time to make some new icons.  I think I'm going to uprage to the advertisment level so I can have more icons.  Cause I looove icons.  XD 

It appears I also need a new mood set.  Headless kitties can only be cute for so long.  Anyone have any suggestions?