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19 October
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Shameless Pluggage of My Site

Do you have icons/userpics that you made but wouldn't mind if someone else used? I'm trying ro build up a database of bishounen/couple userpics that can be used as resource for anyone looking for new userpics but doesn't want to have to search through the many icon communities out there for a specific series. ( My site: Daystar Design - http://www.daystar-design.net) And don't worry you do get credit for them, and I will link back to your LJ or personal site (whichever you prefer). :D

Oh and hey I'm not even above BRIBING people. Guess what?!? If you submit 20 or more icons I'll give you special access to the super secret scan gallery I maintain just for submitters! ^^ (See it does pay to donate stuffs.) For more info about what's in the gallery click here.

About Me

Christian, Sister, Careerwoman, Bishounen crazed fangirl (yes, even at my age), Photoshop fangirl, Code Geek, lover of a good book, anime and manga rock my world, I spend too much $ on artbooks, widescreen = good but dual screen = better, just like dogs are better then cats XD, Horsewoman, world traveling is for cool people (England, France, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Ecuador), same with J-pop, (former)International Ragnarok Online addict, and I have a Gamecube I pretend to play sometimes, my name is pronounced like "Merlin" and yes I made it up myself and no my real name isn't Mary or Lynn.

My currently watching/just finished anime list is on my Minitokyo page, and it's too much work to maintain 2 lists (lolz, yeah I'm lazy). So if you want to see what I'm watching go to: http://myrrhlynn.minitokyo.net/ Oh hey and my walls are up there too!~

**I don't post my MSN contact info publically but if you want to chat on there let me know and I can give you the info.**

About My Journal

All my wall/artbook posts will be public and most of the personal posts will be Friends only, so if you want to read just Friend me AND let me know who you are ( I won't friend you back if I don't know who you are or if we haven't at least had a single conversation before. So in other words I don't Friend random hobo people XD ) I'm mostly going to stick with posting review of books I've read recently, artbooks I own, works in progress of my walls, and maybe a random manga/anime plug if I am in love with a new series. I'm thinking about putting up walling tips or "how I made it" walkthroughs of wallpapers but I haven't made up my mind yet.

About my Icons

Other then my Honor icon by the wonderful frakalakalaka . All my Demon Diary icons were made by myself for using on this journal, so I know Eclipse is teh love but please don't take them. There are tons of other icons by me and much better artists available on my website.

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